I’m Janette (a.k.a. Stump Girl) and I created this blog to share my stories, experiences, and inspiration and to be an online community for those seeking to live healthy, happy lives no matter their circumstances!

Janette is an artist, athlete, wife, and mother. After years of complications, her right leg was amputated in 2012. She seeks to live an active and full life and to inspire others to do the same.

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When I Run

When I run into anyone, the first thing they say to me is “How did you lose your leg?” followed immediately with, “They have come so far these days that you can do anything with your prosthetic leg can’t you!” Although most mean well, this is probably the worst comment anyone can make to someone … Continue reading When I Run

Why I Created StumpGirl.com

I created Stump girl because since losing my leg I have come to realize that the perception of people is far different than actually living life as an amputee. I have found that there are many amputees that feel abandoned, not understood and most importantly depressed because they are unable to afford the proper prosthetic or have one but cannot afford to get changes done that are needed in order to continue with daily activities due to changes they have gone through physically. I have run into problems such as these and insurance just doesn’t cover many obstacles that we encounter and this leads to inactivity and depression many times.
My goal is to give people someone to talk to that has experienced trials they are possibly facing and hopefully get proper advice to help them out.

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